Poet. Storyteller. Educator.

Z stage name ZBassSpeaks, is a multi award winning twin spirited Mayan spoken word artist and activist. 

The Boulder, Colorado native poet has been speaking in the Denver Metro area since 2008. Along the way addressing many injustices important to them. Using spoken word and the power of such a unique voice to deliver a message of many. Aside form writing they engage in film making and digital art. In recent times after being given the honor of being Balam Na's current sitting Chieftain. Z has engaged in Mayan dance for outreach to further share stories and culture.

Z  was given the honor of being Lafayettes Poet Laurete as of April 2022

 Upcoming Events

WOW! Poetry Reception - April 14th

League of Women's: Stand Up for Democracy - April 16th

Lafayette Art Collective: The Experience Project - April 27th

Mutiny Information Cafe: Punketry - May 5th