Lafayette Poem Video Out Now!

After a year of trying to make this happen, I would like to present to you the official Lafayette Poem Video!

ShoutOut Colorado Interview

Check out my feature in the ShoutOut Colorado!

YellowScene Magazine Interview

Check out my feature in the Yellowscene! I am so honored!

Boulder Weekly Interview

Check out my feature in the Boulder Weekly Magazine!

The Experience Project Show!

Yo! I will be having my first ever show that I designed from start to finish. Bring your friends, for a one of a kind poetry reading. Font forget to bring your questions too for the Q&A after the show!

Bringing That Heat!

Oct 8th! One wrist band, five venues! I am so excited to be part of this event. I have new poems with a twist ready. Be there and check out the amazing line of talent!

On Daily Camera! 

If you told mini me that I would be on the news paper. I would think you're lying. Check out the article!

The Mark in History

There are a lot of emotions going on. Never did I think I would get here making history. This is a huge honor for me as a writer, but to my Maya people. I have a lot of ideas and a lot to do for the next two years. I have. I will continue my personal work as planned. I want to thank the people who believed in me, and were there from the start. I am so excited! So… let's get to work!

Mango Juice Coming Soon

For MLK Day I needed to do something different and I am honestly happy with what I brought to the table.

MLK 2022, KGNU, & New Poem?

Despite the fact that I should probably be used to performing for my home city of Lafayette. I am still very shocked and honored to pay tribute to one of my biggest hero's. This year I wanted drop something a little new. If you were there then you probably already know. As always LYAC always does an amazing job. We had amazing people perform and speak. Even one of my peers from high school! KGNU came up to interview me too right after which I was definitely not ready for. I will drop this poem in a video soon. Please listen to all of those interviewed on KGNU!

My Name Is Not RedSkin (Demo)

I decided to write this poem to reach back to spirit. This demo was a challenge to make a poetry video within 4min. I had to cut out some parts for times sake but the full edition. A shout out to Demiarch and my tribe of Balam Na for providing the music sampled from the Songs of the Red Sun. You definitely want to watch the video to go with the poem. We went out to film when the wave of smoke from the great fires set upon the mountains of Colorado.

Poetry & Art Mini Series

While I work on sharing my poems more and work They Just Didn't Know. I present to you two different pieces of art of my creation. As I learn digital art, it has allowed me to show you what I see and feel. An artist mind is one very difficult to wrap around. For me art is the best way to communicate my thoughts and feelings. Something my voice can't always do. I hope you enjoyed it, as much as I did making these. Maybe I'll try this again another time.

First Poetry Album Set For May 31st: They Just Didn't Know 

Many have heard me talk about many injustices and issues. But mental health hasn't taken center stage. This will be the first of its kind for me where music and poetry come together. These are my experiences and stories that almost no one has ever seen publicly. Check out the KGNU interview for more. Click on the button to listen to the first track.

KGNU Interview

Coming out of retirement here is my first interview for the new year!